About Snugberi®

Sustainable. Lovable. Affordable.

A Safe, Plant-Based Nappy That Works 

We care about babies and the world they’ll grow up in, and that’s exactly how Snugberi® came to life. Keep your bundle of joy smiling with our environmentally-friendly disposable nappies –– soft, comfy diapers that are kinder to nature, while delivering exceptional performance, leak protection, and breathability. We’ll be adding more ethical baby products to our line –– so watch this space! Live a greener life with little ones, courtesy of Snugberi® 

We’re Committed to Making a Difference 

Snugberi® is committed to easing the load on our planet by creating disposable nappies and baby products that are better for both our infants and the earth. We achieve this by: 

☘️ Sourcing eco-friendly, renewable materials

☘️ Replacing crude oil-based materials with plant-based substitutes

☘️ Implementing natural, plant-derived ingredients to safeguard a baby’s ultra-delicate skin 

Better for Baby, Better for You 

Completely free from chlorine, fragrances, and latex, Snugberi® sustainable nappies keep oil-based plastics away from babies’ sensitive skin – wonderful for little ones with more delicate behinds. Super absorbent, our disposable diapers are crafted from sustainable wood pulp. Not only is the nappy watertight and secure, but it also provides total breathability, resulting in a drier, airier, comfier nappy. 

Better for Our Planet 

We use plant-derived materials to help stop our reliance on non-renewable resources and protect the future of your little miracle’s world. Snugberi® eco-friendly diaper’s super-absorbent core is completely chlorine-free and made of FSC-certified wood pulp from sustainably managed forests, making our diapers a natural, environmentally-friendly choice. 

Better without Bunnies 

Snugberi® is proud to be associated with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). When you buy cruelty-free nappies, you help save a good deal of animals from unbearable tests and a lifetime of distress. 

Why Snugberi® ?

☘️ Top sheet made super soft Non-Woven : The top sheet of Snugberi® baby diapers are crafted from non-woven fabric. Ultra-soft surface ensures your baby’s comfort.

☘️The nappy’s core is super absorbent: Snugberi® reusable nappies implement German premium and high absorption material, which boasts exceptional absorption performance, can lock the moisture, and keep the surface dry.

Product Benefits

1. Sustainable materials

Ultra-absorbent core made of FSC-certified wood pulp 

2. Premium Comfort 

Features an embossed, ultra-soft top sheet 

3. Dermatologically tested 

Our nappies are tested and approved by specialists at Dermatest, GmbH 

4. Breathable back sheet 

A waterproof, breathable back sheet featuring adorable designs 

5. Wetness indicator 

Tells you when it might be time for a change. 

6. Leakproof cuffs 

No leaking or soaking, just premium comfort 

7. Maximum comfort 

Wider waistband with S shape Velcro tape