Because Everyone Can Be a Little Bit Green

Join Us on Our Journey to Nurture the Next Generation and Beyond


At Snugberi®, we’re on a mission to transform the planet into a healthier, greener, and more equitable place for future generations. We’re passionate about the planet and believe a company’s values are just as vital as the products it produces. We understand that plant-based baby products can offer the efficiency you’re seeking and that products crafted from renewable, plant-based ingredients are a sustainable choice. We believe waste is a waste, which is why we use wood pulp to make our eco-friendly diapers. While we have a lot of values, our biggest one is our responsibility to this generation and beyond.

FSC-Certified Diapers
Safe for Baby and the Planet


We wanted to create the snuggest, softest eco-nappies that are super absorbent to keep your baby dry – without the price tag. They're created using sustainably sourced wood pulp with absolutely no lotions or dyes next to the baby's skin. So we're kind to the earth, your baby’s bottom, and your wallet! 

Our Story

We’re Snugberi®, and we’re a brand that exists to create a positive effect across baby care. We’re like-minded friends and industry experts who got together to form Snugberi®. The Snugberi® story is a simple one – we wanted to launch a planet-conscious brand where supporting mums and their little ones became integral to everything. 

Our brand was born out of a passion for giving babies the best start in life. The initial 1,000 days of a little one’s life are the most crucial for their development, and our non-toxic diaper is the safest choice for a baby’s developing brain. 

Snugberi® is the culmination of everything we’ve learned and now want to share because every little one deserves to be happy, healthy, and connected. We hope Snugberi® will support all of the superhero mums and dads throughout their journey with the information they crave and the products they need so we can all concentrate on what matters most – a healthy, happy life!